Keyword Density Tool

2008-09-15 New! Keyword Density Tool:

Wordpot now has a keyword density tool to help you analyze a website for its keywords, their location and occurrence.

The keyword density tool is available from the tools menu or from your project page. To analyze a site simply enter its url into the search box and click the analyze button. Wordpot will then analyze the page identifying its keywords.

Wordpot will return a chart displaying the following

  • Keyword
  • Keyword Density - The number of occurrences of the keyword on the page
  • The location that the keyword was found. Eg The title, meta tags, description or body of the page
  • The exact search count on wordpot for the keyword
  • The total search count on wordpot for the keyword

Best Practice.
The keyword density tool is invaluable for analyzing the density of keywords on your own website. A higher density of keywords will result in better search rankings by search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This is a great way to start your keyword project and generate a list of keywords.

You can use the keyword density tool to find the keywords that your competition is using and develop strategies for your own site.

Wordpot's simple interface makes it easy to add keywords to your projects and words already in your current project are easily identified by the icon displayed next to each word.

Keyword Density Tool

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